We're approaching a big moment in this process, the first early estimate of costs. it's early because the vision plan we've put forward is little more than a diagram. We are still listening and evaluating what changes, new uses, and materials to recommend for the campuses. 

Early cost estimating is a delicate process because there is so much that is not yet known. We have to take our best guesses, based on past experience, at which expenditures we should consider when we proceed further in the design process. Then, with the estimate in hand, we can discuss design options with a better awareness of associated costs. 

For example, we've included in the estimate full replacement of the perimeter fencing at the edge of all of the sidewalks. We've taken a first stab at how we might design the fence so that the cost estimator has enough to go on.

We know that a sturdier and friendlier fence would have real impacts on perception of the campuses. Soon, we will know what this change would cost so that we can weigh it against all the other recommendations we are considering. When the cost estimate comes back, the board will incorporate it into a schedule and budget proposal to prompt more detailed discussion.

Already, some people are certain that the project shouldn't proceed while others are anxious for the work to start as soon as possible. We've also heard from many people who are interested in discussing it more. The plan won't be able to satisfy everyone's individual interests completely. But, our sincere goal is to refine the proposal so that it offers the best balance between expense and benefits for the community as a whole.