an ecological overlay for a modern landscape

    National Mall Washington D.C. Peter Walker 9/11 Memorial New York Brooklyn landscape architect

    This competition-winning redesign respectfully regenerates a historically sensitive Modernist landscape for the 21st Century. As a partner at PWP Landscape Architecture, Matt Donham organized and led the collaboration with Rogers Marvel Architects and a large team of consultants to re-imagine the park as a series of subtle, yet transformative design adjustments that stem from the synthesis of our collective expertise.

    Rolling topography becomes an opportunity to capture and filter stormwater while mitigating traffic noise from outside the park. Turf is replaced with flowering meadows that can be mown for major new events. The iconic, biomorphic lake is emphasized with a graphic display of aquatic and emergent plants and a new flexible basin that, through subtle adjustment in the water level, can be used for winter ice skating, summer model boating, and as a performance space in the spring and fall.

    Work performed at PWP Landscape Architecture. Collaboration with: Rogers Marvel ArchitectsHeritage LandscapesGreat EcologyBuro HappoldPine & SwallowJaffe HoldenF2 Environmental DesignEHT TraceriesPaul Cowie & AssociatesBiederman Redevelopment Ventures.

    For more detail on the design visit PWP Landscape Architecture and the Trust for the National Mall.