A response to the Gowanus Lowline design competition, Gowanus Bark restores small-scale freight shipping as a means to stimulate development and activity along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. 

In an era of increasing congestion and fuel costs, the benefits of water-borne freight are being rediscovered. One gallon of diesel can move cargo ten times as far on water as on a highway; the area’s waterways are congestion-free and in good repair. A local network of small-scale barge landings aligns perfectly with the local-sustainable ethos of niche manufacturing.

Landings along the canal create community space centered on production and trade. Entrepreneurs exchange resources and ideas. Neighbors and visitors purchase locally-made products, launch kayaks, debate Gowanus advocacy, or just watch the boats come and go.

Collaboration with Suany Chough and Eckart Graeve.