rapidly deploying an engineering marvel

Tom Powel

Tom Powel


Extending our research and development for Glenstone Split-Rocker, RAFT designed and oversaw the Summer 2014 installation of Jeff Koons’s Split-Rocker in Rockefeller Center. A green roof and green wall combined, this colossal planted sculpture required a detailed planting scheme, engineered growing medium, irrigation and drainage systems that work together to mitigate the stresses of unconventional growing conditions such as vertical soil zones, sideways and upside down plants, the temperature-conducting steel frame and increased wind exposure on plants that grow as much as 35 feet above the ground.

RAFT worked closely with Jeff Koons StudioPublic Art FundGagosian GalleryTishman Speyer, engineers, contractors, irrigation consultants, Rockefeller Center maintenance crews, and local growers to refine and accelerate the typical installation process for this high-profile location. Photos of Split-Rocker under construction can be found in this Wall Street Journal article.

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Video by Jay Buim